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tv   News  ABC  April 3, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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let's get a check of the traffic with angela. good morning, how are the roads looking out there? good morning to you and everyone. the roads are looking great. we've had a wonderful start to the commute and hopefully keeping it that way. not finding any accidents or incidents to slow you down as you can see, a live look at 895, south of o'donnell, well in the southbound direction heading to the tunnel. continuing on to i-95. on u.s. 50, once you cross over the bay bridge, here is what it looks like in terms of delays or accidents, you are good to go on 50, all the way to i97 and keep in mind we will tweet any updates on the roadways, follow us at maryland traffic. today is primary day in maryland, polling sites open in over an hour, you can vote in the primary election. sherrie johnson is live at one of the sites with all new information. how is it going? >> reporter: all right, we are
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here at hazelwood in east baltimore, voters will be heading to the site. it's a popular polling site. we've started to see a number of election judges and police officers have started to show up this morning, trying to get things in order. people will turn out at 7:00, this morning, to choose a gop presidential candidate and settle a handful of congressional contests. maryland republicans offer up 37 delegates to one of the candidates in the primary. right now, i have dr. john bulloch, joining me life from towson university, he is a political science professor. good morning. mitt romney, the front runner here, what do you think about maryland primaries? do you think he can take it or what is your thought process? >> i think he will do quite well in maryland. not a conservative state, even
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with the electorate that we have. this will build momentum going in to the primaries. >> reporter: we've had a number of folks, newt gingrich, ron paul, a number of folks coming here to such for votes and everything. with that, romney probably has it. >> i think especially given the fact that former republican governor, ehrlich, has been behind on mitt romney. i think you will see that in the polls. >> reporter: how does maryland fair, not one of the big ones, how do we fair? >> we are not one often the early prime mays in january, not super tuesday but not like the primaries in june. we have sway over what happens for the rest of the process. >> thank you so much. we will talk to you throughout the morning. we can see a number of election judges starting to arrive. the polls open at 7:00 this morning and close at 8:00 p.m. tonight. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson,
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abc2 news. >> abc2 news has you covered with your primary day needs, head to, click on the news and political section and find a link on the board of elections and polling places and check out the ballot before you head to the polls. learn about the senate and congressional candidates, also find a section on meet the candidates with a link at the home page. arundel county council will determine the fate of james tier. the deputy chief of arundel county police department testified in front of council. emerson davis, accuses the police chief of basically cafing to illegal requestspy the county executive like looking up criminal information on employees, he goes as far as to say the department has never been so dysfunctional in his 35 year career. -- 35-year career. >> no one is going to be held accountable for the perfect
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storm that's been created here. (inaudible.) >> county executive john leopold is charged with misusing county resources accused of misusing the officers in charge of security detail by asking them to stand guard while he has sex in parking lots. officers say they complain to the chief but nothing changed. fire officials in jefferson county, colorado, released 911 calls from the deadly fire. there is an investigation in to whether the emergency operators should have given the callers more information. more than 100 calls came in while the fire spread. there was confusion about what people in the fire's path should do. notifications were sent to the wrong people and others sent
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off. three people were killed in the rash of fires. no word this morning on what caused a plane to crash in to a florida grocery store, multiple people were hurt when the plane dove in to a publix. several had to be treated for third degree burns. the customers and employees were evacuated. the stores roof is damaged. the store is a mile from a small airport. if you are riding in a new york city taxi it's going to be cost you more. the models are make ing official debut today, taxis will have ports to plug in electronics and more leg room. antimicrofelt seats and sunroofs, phased in starting in october, of next year.
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it's ex-fected to replace -- it's expected to replace the other cab models by 2018. ku sa anchor bitten by a dog in february, she is now back to work. she received a warm welcome by her coanchors, take a look. >> you look great. >> glad to be here today. >> you look great. >> healing up. >> excited to have you. >> cyle dier took two months off to heal and had to have 70 stitches and surgery to fix her lip and face. she was doing a live interview with the dog's owner about his canine that had been rescued from a lake. high schoolers on dancing with the stars and it's only week three. >> we will find out which couple wowed the judges and who is going to be sent home tonight. [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal,
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thank you for joining us. high scores already on the dancing with the stars. we have seen our first from the judges. this pair earned 29 points. levee and burke received a ten, hitting a total score for 28 for their salsa. they are tied, the last place, receiving 24 points. see who goes home here on abc 2 tonight at 9:00. this 12 year old is flying high , the first skateboarder ever to land a 1080. watch. this is three rotations in the air. he accomplished the feat after a few attempts and went on to do it for a second time.
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he measures under 5 feet tall. >> that video makes me nervous to watch. >> we will show you again in the morning. big announcement later today about something that happened 100 years ago. stay with us this morning, where this is going to happen and what you could learn about the sinking of the titanic. a memorial service is planned tonight for the victims of the deadly california college shooting. what police are saying about a possible motive. i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself and so, college was a dream, when i was a kid.
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i didn't know how i was going to do it, but i knew i was going to get that opportunity one day. and that's what happened with the university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky is the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is naphtali bryant and i am a phoenix.
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memorial service will be held for 7 people killed in a deadly shooting at a california college. linda so has the latest on the developments out west. >> it will be held at a church in oak land. as of this morning, the suspect has not been formally charged. police are trying to figure out a motive. police identified the suspect has 43-year-old goh, a korean national. he entered oikos university, in
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oakland and opened fire in a nursing class. five people died, two others at a hospital and three injured. we've learned one person has been released from the hospital. goh is former nursing student and arrested at grocery store an hour after the shooting. police say goh called his father a after the shooting and told him everything. he was arrested and taken in to custody. a student at the school says police told him the gunman first shot a woman at the front december and can continued shooting randomly in classrooms. >> officers found several victims throughout the classroom, throughout the re several people hiding in locked buildings, locked doors, behind desks, very frightening and scared. >> after the shooting police say goh took a victim's car and drove off. investigators are trying to figure out if the suspect targeted victims or shot at
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random. metro is going to be launching an awareness campaign encouraging sexual harassment victims to file reports with police. includes a on line forum for a follow up. they can remain anonymous. all complaints are tracked to identify possible trends. it sank 100 years ago, we will learn about the sinking of the titanic. they are holding a special press briefing in national harbor along with the news related to the sinking, they will showcase developments in research and exploration technology. katie cowic will anchor alongside george stephanopoulos on good morning america. you will see another guest anchor if you switch the channel today. sarah palin will be cohosting the today show. this comes nearly four years
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after the two clashed in a memorable tv interview on cbs nightly news. little sports news for you today. the wildcats are the champions in the men's basketball in ncaa. with every win comes celebrating. police in kentucky say one person was shot in the crowd following the big win. they arrested several dozen people on or near the campus. the game was played in new orleans. fans jumped up and down screaming and waving kentucky flags and one car was set on fire. three days until we are back at camden yards for opening day. the home open opener is friday. each of the baseballs used friday and we will have a
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special logo stamped on them. friday, gates will open at noon to fans. pregame ceremonies start at 2:30. . the game between two of the most popular soccer times in the world is happening this summer and today, you can start, the game will feature live pool and ham, on saturday july 28th at 1:00 at mt bank stadium. the game is the third time in four years that a team will be played in baltimore. if you are interested in getting tickets, you can. they go on sale at 10:00. volunteers plan to add 2000 square feet of manmade marshes in front of the world trade center this month. organizers say that the plants improve water quality and provide habitat for birds and fish and creatures that live in
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the inner harbor. head to ben and jerry's today between noon and 8:00, many locations offer a free cone. this seems like a nice way to welcome the warmer weather. this are several locations participating in the area. we posted a link on our website, head to in the money sections find the story. enter your address and the locations closest to you offing free cones will pop up. let's do that after the show. >> i'm doing to get my favorite, chocolate fudge brownie, so good. it's mild enough, warm enough to eat ice cream in atlanta. charlston right now. some of the warm temperatures will be moving in to the area as we go through the day and through tomorrow. we are cold, never cold enough to not eat ice cream. 32 baltimore. we have freeze advisories, freeze warnings rather in effect until 9:00, you can see
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the frost advisories in effect for kept county, cecil county, harford and baltimore this morning. freeze warnings in effect for carol and frederick. we have to wait until 9:00 when temperatures will get warmer out there. now, as you head out the door, temperatures are cold. bundle up. the reason why, we don't have clouds out there, the winds are light. we had the radiational cooling. the heat escapes in to the atmosphere. that's what we are contending with this morning, we have change in the forecast. we get lots of sunshine, we will get a southerly flow overnight as the warm front passes through and by tomorrow, ahead of a cold front we will have a chance for showers, maybe a rumble of thunder, you might need the rain gear then. by thursday and friday, things dry out nicely, for today, hour by hour, 67 degrees by 4:00 p.m., yes, the temperatures are
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going to be above average again. here is a check of the seven- day forecast, you might like what you see. lots of sunshine in the forecast. temperatures will remain above average for the most part. as we head in to sunday, yes, 70 degrees as we head in to easter. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. good morning. tuesday morning drive off to an excellent start. it's been quiet and incident free for the most part. we are moving well, especially around the inner states interstates. all things open as you move between the beltways on i-95. here is a live look on the south side at the bw parkway. we are building, no early delays to report. if you travel between 795 and i- 95 on the west side of the beltway, a life look at baltimore national pike, we are moving at posted speeds. seems the cost of college
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is going up and up. >> tripled in the past 30 years , the vice president hopes to alleviate parents fears. and nike set to unveil the new uniform designs. we will tell you when, when good morning maryland continues on this tuesday. that's a wonderful thought. ♪
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a man is accused in 1985 in the disappearance and murder of a man named johnathan so as, he lived in his house as a tan a tenant.
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maryland general assembly will wrap up their session in less than a week. >> a look at what is the remaining issues tackling before monday. think twice before letting your daughter go to tan for prom. a technology helping us
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understand how tornados form and how better to track them. we will speak live to two local experts this morning. details coming up. maryland's most powerful radar is bone dry right now. i will tell you how long that lasts coming up. up next, checking the commute, down towards the capitol beltway. why we will be tapping the brakes traveling through jessup. thanks.
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i'll take the usual. got it. if you're open to choosing your own batter, mix-ins and toppings, come in today and build a stack you'll be proud of. only at denny's.


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